About Kingsley

About Kingsley

Kingsley Udoh is the Chairman & CEO at Syspera & Company, a boutique technology, consulting, research, outsourcing and advisory firm that offers strategic insights to clients across a myriad of industries. At the firm, he’s the Security-Sector Lead and his engagements covers a broad spectrum of issues bordering on Cybersecurity, Risk Management, Counter-Terrorism and Physical Security. In line with his perspectives on being a ‘’tri-sector athlete,” he’s deeply involved in projects that revolves the entire triad of the public, private and social sectors.

In addition, Kingsley is a TV Host, an Author and the Founder of a non-partisan think-tank focused on Africa specific issues, The Syspera Institution, committed to sponsoring an exhaustive bailiwick of critical social and economic issues. It’s an organisation that’s driven by the power of knowledge to solve today’s challenging problems, embolden public policy through independent research, open dialogue and actionable ideas.


To live in a world where everyone has equality of opportunity.


Kingsley has built models to help organisations thrive by inculcating big thinking into their processes. He’s focused on the opportunities that will enable him share both the models, and provide support for its implementation. He achieves these through:

  • Keynoting
  • Workshops
  • Writing
  • Advisory
  • Implementation


To enable individuals, entreprises and governments build resilience, and thus in turn make them thrive in an ever-changing world.


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